Sometimes I seriously obsess about a certain style of shoe. I see one version in a mag or on a cute, stylish gal on the street, and I go home and search, search, search the internet trying to find a shoe just as adorable (or even more so!). I will not rest until I find it! I went thru that with the leopard pump (luuuuv that animal prints are back for fall), and also about the platform clog that made it's hippie-origin'd comeback. But this week, it seems to have been peep toe oxfords. Yes yes, if you came over and borrowed my laptop, chances are you'd find that's been the most popular google search of the week! This sassy spin on traditional, school-girl inspired oxfords is the perfect shoe addition to your work week outfit, or out-to-dinner garb.

Call me crazy, but has some truly great deals on shoes! It's in my new routine to never buy a shoe online from any of the major shoe-sites before doing a quick search on Amazon. I consistently find the same shoes for lower prices! Just a tip. Well, this Corso Como 'Violet' peep toe is no exception to the rule. Silky smooth leather, and a laced-up front, these are gorgeous and still manage to be comfy!

Or try on for size this Moda Spana 'Jeunesse' Oxford. A soft, soft suede and one understated 3" heel will have you traipsing the town in style! I especially dig the shiny leather piping that curves across & around the pump (even around the peep toe opening!). So so cute and just the right price.

Ever wanna throw a little color in the mix? Just to spice things up a bit? Well, here's the answer to your prayers: A. Marinell's 'Elton' peep toe pumps. Don't you just uh-dore the retro-feelin' red suede (can you say Elton John?!), and the floral cut-out detail? I do, I do! A flattering tapered heel, standing at 3 1/4" gives just the right lift to show off some color! has this shoe in gorgeous taupe & classic black if you're not ready for red.

Happy almost-fall, m'dears! Can't wait to throw on some peep toe oxfords (and not have to retire my pedi!).

holly in heels


  1. I'm ready for red! That pair is fun!

  2. There's a pair of Steve Madden peep-toe wedge oxfords that I'm in LOVE with! So chic right now.
    xo Josie

  3. I've never been one for oxfords but those are cute!

  4. Holly!! I'm not really a red shoe type of gal (even though my BFF just sent me a pair :)), but the last pair is so drool-able. :D Don't you sometimes wish we could have a limitless supply of shoes!!?! A girl can dream.

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. Sharon, I LOVE love love your comment! I think I constantly dream of having an limitless supply of shoes! Alas, my shoe closet's only so big (and so is my wallet!). You should toooootally dive into red shoes, so gorgeous!

  6. visiting your post and I'm afraid I'll become a woo girl, because your posts are high fashion and amazing


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