With a Bow On Top!

There's something special about opening up my email and finding my weekly 'sale alerts' from Shop It To Me! It sorta makes the day go by faster if I periodically get to look at pretty things that belong in my closet (that are actually affordable too!). Well, this weekend there were a few special items that popped up and grabbed my attention. Usually cutesy-cutesy isn't my style, but I couldn't resist these sweet items, with a bow on top!

Urban Outfitters allllways has jewelry & accessories that I want--how do they do it?! Playful & interesting pieces that are just so simple, but really make a statement. And that's right, this UO Pearl Bow necklace fits the bill perfectly. A darling addition to any sweet & stylish outfit (a mere $13 bux too!).

And ohhhh Miss Betsey J, you make me blush bright red with these patent, polka-dotted pumps! Betsey Johnson's 'Molly' platform sandals are the perfect daytime heels for quick trips to the mall, those yummy mimosa-sippin' parties that await you this summer, or even spicing up the fashion quota in your workplace. Thank you, shoes.com, for this happy sale price too!

...so try on something cutesy-sweet & bow'd up today! I dare ya.

holly in heels
P.S. Check out my newest guest blog feature on Kindred Sole.com - a UK based shoe retailer, started up by two young gals who are passionate about the shoe industry, and most importantly listening to what women want!


  1. Love bows! I was eyeing an inexpensive pair of F21 flats with a cute bow on the front, might have to buy now...

  2. I adore those shoes - so fun and such a great price! I'm a complete sucker for bows... probably half my shoes have them!

  3. I do love a pretty bow on anything! And I totally agree; Urban makes the most adorable accessories!
    xxoo Josie


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