Shoes & a Scarf

Nope, it's not the latest Disney movie inspired by fashionable, inanimate objects that magically come alive and end up saving the world--it's my two great favorites right now: shoes and a scarf! Sure, it's easy to doll up most normal-gal outfits with some standout earrings or a cute textured belt, or even a gorgeous vintage-inspired ring. But right now, my easy fashion trick to get me out the door and proud of my outfit for the day is a good pair o' summer wedges + a breezy scarf. How could ya go wrong with those items!?

I've specifically got my eagle eyes on these Hive and Honey 'Santana' wedges for summer style. This cute wedge espadrille has got preppy girl on it from top to bottom, and can swiftly go from being your next vacation destination shoe to your summery-day bbq kicks.

And don't forget the scarf! The tiny, vintagey flowers that adorn this Spun by Subtle Luxury 'Ditsy Floral' scarf make this your fave accessory of the summer in an instant. This pink & white lovely makes me think of those antique floral dishes that my grandma used to display, in her impeccable-taste sorta way, on her doily-set table. I love it!So don't forget these two adorable items on your next shopping trip: shoes & a scarf. They just might turn into your new favorites too!

holly in heels


  1. I do like those wedges. So cute. And I agree; wedges and a light, breezy scarf do seem to be the way to go this spring!
    xxoo Josie

  2. Super cute wedges.. I just picked up a bunch of lighty airy scarves from Old Navy. super cheap too. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Those are some adorable wedges. They'll look especially cute with white pants. I love wearing wedges in the summer. I'm proud to say I'm also a knitter so always love having a scarf on.

  4. And so much nicer than the ubiquitous flip-flop...

    Thanks for the comment today!

  5. That scarf is so fabulously feminine. LOVE!


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