Patterned Perfection!

One thing that I'm admiring in several designers this season is their fresh use of pattern--geometric lines and shapes and textures--when creating a new shoe. Have ya noticed? I think that's what pulls my artsy eye toward Tory Burch and Marc Jacobs! Now, I say this acknowledging fully that I'm just not in the mood for funky-busy-color patterns every day of my funky-busy-color life...but today I'm in the mood for patterned perfection, and I just had to pass it on!

Lay your eyes on these babies, m'dears! This tied-up Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Gommone' platform may not say "all-day wear" to you, but it sure shows off one striking pattern to me! Spotted on a few Hollywood stars already this season, these Italian-made platforms are bursting at the seams with style (also check out this version of the M by MJ 'Gommone' platform...orrrr even the hot orange version).

I also just couldn't keep my eyes off of this mesmerizing, patterned Lucky Brand 'Koko' wedge. This tribal-inspired platform wedge is a versatile, neutral kick that will have heads turning your way! I adore the side/top buckle too--way'ta kick it up a notch, Lucky Brand!
If funkalicious patterns just aren't your thang, but you still dig bright color and a true standout shoe, I'll share with you that Marc Jacob's '605645' clog is another fave of mine this season (and ready for you to buy with FREE 2-day shipping on Endless right now! Woo!). A narrow lace-up down the middle & double studs on each side make this clog-like-lovely a shoe-in.

Here's my shout-out to my gorgeously long-legged readers: Marc's flower-adorned, low heel 'Posillipo' sandal! Yessss, finally a low heel on the HinH blog--you cannot believe it, I know! Well, at under $300 (a deal for Jacobs' shoes) this freshly flowered shoe can be yours to add to your spring/summer sandal collection. A dash of color + hints of metallic make this a great all-day & any-occasion find.

So whether these peppy patterns and stunning colors are merely eye-candy to you, orrr you're just now hitting the 'add to cart' button--you have to admit these kicks are pretty darned fun! Enjoy, shoe-sistas!

holly in heels
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  1. I love those Marc heels! I've had my eye on those too ever since I saw that pic on endless, especially the back pair.

  2. The little MJ wedges are TOTALLY gorgeous -- he's one of my favorites!
    xxoo Josie

  3. Those MJ Gammone platforms are so cute!


  4. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say I love the MJ wedges too! So fun for spring.

  5. Ahhhhhh, MJ is forever tempting me. That first pair is incredible!

  6. Glad you ladies are lovin' the MJ shoes this season too! Thanks for the comment-love!
    holly in heels


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