Pretty in Pink

It's Friday. Time to celebrate! For some reason today I'm just blaring my music in the car, singing along, glad that the weekend is heeere. To compliment my happy-go-lucky 'tude today, I've decided to show off some heels that'll have you pretty in pink. Kate Spade is tempting me with vibrant colors & sweet little details, and I'm dying to share:

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First of all, how on earth could I resist these richly pink Kate Spade 'muse' heels?! Killin' me here. This sophisticated satin + suede combo is a perfect low heel that's ideal for those long evenings out, when you somehow managed to wind up dancing your little shoe-loving heart out, and coming home waaaay past your bedtime!

Ok, so Kate's 'Grecian' strappy heels are not exactly on-the-money pink, but they're in the pink & pretty category, so I say they qualify. Gorgeous lavender, python-embossed leather twists all around your foot and the simple straight heel gives you a few extra inches of leg-lengthening look.
Oh goodness, and how about Ms. Spade's 'Grand' slingback heel? These flowery statement shoes are crafted from the best Italian suede out there, and give you a decent 4-inch boost. I'm super impressed by the reviews of how darned comfy these 'Grand' heels are--snag 'em ladies. Pink peep-toes that are classic and comfy to the core don't come around too often! And the only problem you'll have is deciding which of your spring & summer parties are worthy of an appearance of these!

Crank up that music gals, rock out, and finish your sassy weekending outfits off with some pretty in pink heels.

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  1. Anything Kate Spade is PERFECT in my book -- I especially love the Grecians!
    xxoo Josie

  2. ohhh those kate spade purple heels are amazzzzzing!!

    lovely blog =)


  3. I love Kate Spade, I have a pair of perfect royal blue pumps of hers, to die for! Love those peep toes with the flower.

  4. oh gosh kate spades are drool worthy. i have a green pair from a few years back, prom shoes. most expensive shoes i own!

  5. Pink is my fave color and I love all of these! Kate Spade shoes are some of my most comfy heels too..


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