Shiny Things

Guess what. It's Friday! I have to say this has been a day I've been looking forward to alllll week! How 'bout you?! From where I sit this morning, the sun is shining brightly and there really isn't a cloud in the sky. As I watched the local news this morning and saw the weatherman giving today's report, I actually thought to myself, "I wonder if he's bored with his job" haha, true story! It's just a picture-perfect forecast for every day in May, it seems!

To honor the happy Spring mood that I seem to be in (thank you Friday), I wanted to show you a few shiny, sparkly, pretty shoozies. Pretty fun, right? Most of these sweet shoes I've found via ShopItToMe - one website that I've probably mentioned before, that constantly feeds me top deals on designer clothes, accessories, shoes, and more (not to mention, I'm a ShopItToMe featured 'Trendsetter' thankyouverymuch!). Well, let's get right down to it peopulll:

I continue to swoon over Betsey Johnson heels and this 'Marilee' Wedge does not help! Metallic silver & gold leather does a dance across your foot, while YOU do a dance buying these at such an amazing price! And free shipping too,! You're killin' me! I'm diggin' the tiny, understated cutout wedge look too--whatcha think?
Face it, a girl can't have too many black patent leather heels. That's what I've always said! It's a classic look that'll go with literally anything in your closet. That's why I'm one proud gal when I show you these perfectly patent 'Mayonna' Guess by Marciano pumps! When you find a patent leather sandal for the warmer months, snag it gurl. This pretty little peep-toe is held together by polished metal studs, and the polished natural wood footbed has 'chic' written all over it (not literally though, don't worry). Yep, you DID read that right, these are a real steal at $44! Doitdoitdoit.
Ok ok, here I go...guilty indulgence for the day is this Jimmy Choo 'Finlay' flat. I know I'm Holly in Heels, right, not Holly in Flats but who says ya can't break the rules every now and again, right? And I'll have you know that this 'Finlay' flat is said to be the perfect 24:7 flat and that in itself pretty much deserves our full attention! This fabulous flat comes in a few different colors and versions, but I'm diggin' the glittery champagne shade at this moment. These are your perfect vacation shoes, ladies--spicing up any outfit, day or night.

So, go on...add some shine to your weekend, ladies! Pretty sure you deserve it.

holly in heels


  1. Looooove the Betsey wedges! Wedges are my favorite kind of shoe, I practically live in them. Great pics, I can tell you have great style! Ps- thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I'm totally cool with you featuring flats considering that I pretty much live in them... LOVE the Jimmy Choos!
    xxoo Josie

  3. Gotta love Betsey. Those wedges rock!

  4. I am in love with those gold jimmy choo flats!

    xo Mary Jo


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