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Guest Post: work your closet.

Recently, I came across a fabulous fellow fashionista, Jamie Miller, author of the blog 'work your closet'. Jamie is a Cali native whose catchy tag-line is "if it's in your closet, it's in your budget". I love it! Inspired by fashion pages she comes across in her own advertising career, Jamie manages to find existing items in her closet and put together some adorably fresh outfits! When I saw the work your closet blog, I immediately thought--guest blogger! So here come some shoe-tips from the work your closet expert herself.
holly in heels
. . .

Work your closet. Work your shoes. Same thing! Sure you have a variety of shoes (what female doesn’t?) but it’s about how you can wear them differently. Holly so graciously asked me to do a shoe post, I of course was happy to oblige.

Pumps are one of my favorites. Nine West’s are so comfortable and the pointy toe elongates the leg. Get one in nude and one in black. They will become staples!
Strappy heels are fun – they let you show off bright toe nail polish and cool socks. Either way they make a fashion statement. On a budget, try Target!
Oxfords are so versatile. They have become one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Wear them with destroyed denim or a frilly dress. Once you break them in, they are like slippers. Try any Topshop style.

Ankle boots are so chic right now. The give any outfit some edge! I love mine from Macy's. I recently wore them with tights and cut off shorts--felt somewhat like a rock star!
Flats are also an awesome go-to. I prefer all my flats to either be a punch of color or have some sort detail. It’s a quick and easy way to pull an outfit together. My favorite red pair is from Payless.

Trend to try – clogs! They are back with vengeance. Bakers has great styles right now.

Now put on a cute dress with a pair of oxfords, or your strappy shoes with socks, or even embrace the clog movement; you’ll be glad you did.

You can read more of Jamie's posts on her own chic fashion blog: work your closet
P.S. Also, VOTE FOR JAMIE here in this Model Call contest (she's the 6th one down)


  1. Great post Holly! I love how she is rocking the socks with sandals look. Don't think I could pull it off but she is working it.

  2. Love the post! Work your closet has a new follower:)


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