Rainy day dreaming

Well, it's raining again in so cal today! And I've decided that I have a complicated love/hate relationship with the rain. The love part is that very I'm fond of sitting indoors with a good cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace and my favorite episode of The Bachelor going on my tivo as the rain pitter patters at my window. The hate part is, I just can't bear to wear cute heels on a 'jeans Friday' at my work with wet roads on the way. Good thing I can turn to my delightful charcoal/spicy orange converse for these kinda days!

But I don't let the drizzle totally get me down, believe me! I'll be wearing my cute heel kicks again tomorrow when the weather clears...and I'll probably still be thinking about these Star Ling sandals too. I have them in black, but I'm pretty sure the mustard yellow's the direction I shoulda gone. What a good sandal to have for those spring shopping days, or nights out on the town where you need a little color kick! And to top it off, the price is precisely where it should be.

If you're searching for another cute sandal, don't let the Jessica Simpson brand name fool ya--the girl may have married a muscly boy-band dude and on top of that still might not know the difference between chicken and tuna when it comes in a can...but she can hire some fierce shoe designers and spit out this beauty, that's for sure. So vintage & pretty: Jessica Simpson 'Cedary' Sandal.
Sheesh, all of this gazing a sweet springy sandals has me feeling a little cold as I gaze out my rainy window! So to warm up this scene, I'm letting you in on a little DSW secret...shhhh...boot sale! Ok, no really, they have the most amazing selection on DSW.com right now, you have to scope it out. Confession: I'm pretty much 3 easy clicks away from making these Madden Girl booties mine! I think you should probably treat yourself to the same (it IS Friday, ya know).

The tasty treat I'll leave you with today is designed by none other than my favorite friend Betsey (yep, buying tons of her shoes and jewelry gets me on a first-name basis, ok?) Betsey Johnson has blessed us all with this fabulous 'Alexandra' pump. I vote for the nude color (shown) that she offers in this bad boy, but you can be the judge. The dainty trio of rosettes on the toe combined with a patent leather back, mesh sides, AND a sassy leopard sole is basically all you could ask for in a show-stopper heel, my friends! Girlish peep-toe flair at it's finest.

holly in heels


  1. I LOVE both those Sandals. Nothing about Jessica Simpson has been so appealing to me before you post today;) Thank you!

  2. This post makes me happy.... and I have dreams about Jess and I being best friends. :) Thanks Holly!


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