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Hello again my fellow shoe-lovers! Well, if you're anything like me (and I'm hoping you are), you're having that mad, mid-week craving for a little shoe love up in this place. Believe me, I feel your pain. Lo and behold, I've found just the right sparkle for your step: Coloriffics gorgeous Gala Pump! I feel like I just channeled Carrie from your favorite Sex and the City scene (basically every scene) and I need to tell you that this shimmery gem belongs in your closet. I mean ASAP. Who can deny that sweet little 'under $60' price anyway? Certainly not Miss Bradshaw...and certainly not me. Enjoy!
holly in heels


  1. Can you start designing shoes please?!? I LOVE all of your picks and it would make it VERY convenient to not have to shop through the goods and bads of other lines. Just a thought <3

  2. Blair you are the sweetest! I'm so glad you like the picks--it's feeding my shoe shopping addiction in a good/bad way :) xoxo, holly

  3. Nice! Did you see that there is a new Sex and the City flick comin our way? So excited :)

  4. Wanted you ladies to know that I gave in and made the purchase on these sparkly peep-toe pumps and had NO REGRETS! They are perfectly girly and I'm so excited to show them off. xoxo, holly


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