I've been thinking lately, "who says I have to wear BLACK pumps with my black pants/black pencil skirt to work?" I'd really like to know who made up that 9 to 5 boring rule. C'mon, in addition to that, I only get ONE HOUR in the middle of the day to visit the mall too?! Sheesh.

So I'd like to express how much I am all for splashing some color in there--and even better, adding some texture to your toes on a black-pants-Monday! I'm callin' it right is the new black. How awesome are these DV by Dolce Vita pumps that will virtually go with any work OR out-to-dinner outfit! I can't help but think of how great my legs will look after stepping into these studmuffins. I'm 99% sure you're thinkin' the same thing.

holly in heels


  1. Girrrl, navy's been my black for a year now and has never let me down;) Keep finding me good stuff!


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