Silky Meets Shine

It's Friday--and man oh man, what a week it's been. I hear that lazy Saturday mornin' calling my name right now (mmm, fressshh coffee too). There's nothin' like it! Well, when I turned on my computer today, my friends at Shop It To Me turned me onto a great shoe deal at! What a treat! You'll be happy with these little sweetums on your feet--silky meets shine and found some color too: Darcy satin-and-patent pumps

...made in Italy, these pumps give you just the right amount of lift with a modest 2 1/2" heel (buyer's tip: order a half size larger than normal). And look closely for that thin pink line that rides all the way around the opening of the pump--Ooo girl, it's all in the details!

holly in heels


  1. HiH, I am LOVING the low-heel height of these adorable pumps from J. Crew. For us ladies with a taller stature, finding good, CUTE heels that don't make us tower over the crowd is always a tough thing to find. I'd love to hear more thoughts on that... consider it an 'article request'! Cute heels without TOO much 'lift'! Your thoughts?...

  2. I like the color but I prefer higher heels. :)

  3. Well, Anne C.--I'm happy to honor the request for a write-up on more 'low-heel pumps'! Great idea!

    And TheFashionAve--so glad you prefer higher heels, I do too, since I'm lacking in the height area ;)

    Thanks to you both for the comments! More to come.
    xoxo, holly


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