Black is back

So despite the 80-degree weather in so cal this week, I've got cute black pumps catching my eye everywhere! For a lover of bright colors, it's really an unusual thing! I'm not sure if it's the fact that the girls at work are just getting extra stylish with their choice of heels right about now...or if I'm in that dark twisty mood again (if you watch Grey's Anatomy you know exactly what I'm talking about, thankyouverymuch), but I'm just sayin' that black is definitely back in the online shoe shopping world. And let's face it--black is a year-round necessity. These selections, my friends, are 'not your mother's black high heels' (unless your mother is Rachel Zoe, that is). I hope you're ready for some fun shoe-looks at some fabulous prices!

First up, the brand nude footwear shines some light on the subject with their Sunnie Day peep-toe pumps (shown left). Some girls wear ruffles on their skirts...some prefer ruffles on their sleeves...but YOU can now have ruffles on your shoes too! How adorable is THAT!?

Boutique 9 shows off a few sassy choices in black, starting with the Jayleen Sandal that gives us the strappy goodness we've been asking for! So much detail--these heels could go from daytime into evening and can work with a lotta stuff in that giant closet of yours, I'm sure.

The Boutique 9 brand is also workin' the peep-toe pump, don't worry. They've constructed these suede black platforms to give you height and style that's pretty effortless. The Udell pump sports a daring raffia covered heel and a gathered knot at the toe. And once again, the price is right on! Yep, that's right--Amazon pretty much carries everything (including the kitchen sink). It's basically like a trip to Target...but online.
Lastly, I have to show off Bandolino's Zaffle patent pumps. Truly a fall staple, it's at a good clearance price online right now! A solid 3 1/2" heel stands nice and thick for tons of all-day support and the stud accents at the midsole add just the right amount of detail and edgyness to your classic black heel. Another peep-toe here shows off that cute pedi that you treated yourself to last week, while reminding you how much you love patent leather.

holly in heels


  1. Great post - i really love the first pair with the frill and grey front,where can i get a pair of these?!!!

  2. Lucy! I'm so glad you like! Good choice--the frills are fabulous. You can click on the link "Sunnie Day" just to the right of the shoe and it'll take you to where you can purchase. Enjoy! xoxo, holly


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