Sunday best: Loeffler Randall

It's Sunday night, and I'm blogging again. It's been an awesome few weeks of summer vacation--traveling the highways and byways of the golden state of California, making the most of this great weather! All the while, I've been inspired by new shoe finds found in the nooks and crannies of some adorable boutiques in all of these amazing Cali cities.

But my latest crush, you ask? My answer would be: Loeffler Randall. LR is about as old as my college education--founded in 2005, designer Jessie Randall was the brain child behind it all. Loeffler Randall is the creator of some of the great staples in flat boots, now branching out into some amaaaayzing heels, flats, and clog-inspired sandals. So, so cute and with their own unique style, browse the summer sale (up to 50% off!) and get a taste of what they do.

I think I dig the cork heels, random buckles, and studded edges of these adorable heels for just that: their character. If you haven't noticed by now, I totally love when a shoe stands out. Sure sure, I like the classic black leather peep-toes or the nude patent pumps--but what really gets my shoe-girl heart pumpin' is a heel with some flair. Something that looks like it was uuuber hard to find, but worth the search. Here are some of my faves from their PRE-FALL line:

To. Die. For. And this is my Sunday best. G'night!

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