Ok...now I'm ready.

I love summertime. I love the long days where I can come home from my day-job and still squeeze a jog around the neighborhood in, I love the BBQs, the pool parties, the good excuses for travel, the warm mornings with the windows open, and just the all-around feeling in the air. Oh, and of course I love the SHOES--wedges, sandals, and any other heel that shows off my non-stop pedicure!

But it's usually right around now, every year, that I begin to spy on the upcoming fall fashions and long for the days where the leaves change color (and so does my shoe closet!). And my summer-lovin' heart especially jumped for joy when I saw these new suede Desert Wedges from TOMS shoes:

In 3 fabulous fall colors, TOMS shows off their latest fall design with this solid 2 3/4" wedge, lined inside with wool plaid, topped off with the softest suede this side of the Mississippi. These awesome wedge booties would pair well with ANYTHING--skinny jeans, lovely leggings, a cute long gypsy skirt, even the right fall-ish dress with a cozy scarf to pair.

Ok...NOW I'm ready for fall! Aren't YOU?

holly in heels


  1. i saw you in Locale magazine!! Im an OC girl too:) I just got these toms and they are just lovely. super comfortable and so so trendy without trying too hard!

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