Long live the 80's?

It was a time of legwarmers, crimping irons, hot pink and "Saved by the Bell"--ahhh yes, it was the fabulous 80's! Now, I will be the first to admit that I'm not the hugest fan of 80's music. Flock of Seagulls and Phil Collins just never did it for me for some reason (although that's not the case for my dear husband, I will say). And while neon colors and other 80's-esque styles are trickling back onto the scene of 2012, I don't think I'll be dusting off my confetti-patterned scrunchies anytime soon.

But one good thing that I know for sure came out of the 80's are these gorgeous vintage 80s Bruno Magli heels! I discovered these beauties on my new favorite website, Fab.com, and I can't take my mind off of them! Only $38...such a steal. 

Bruno Magli of the 2010's has still stuck closely to it's classic and very chic style--check out their line of women's shoes. But if it were me, I'd for sure choose the vintage Magli's for their character and color. Super cute.

So dare I say it...long live the 80's?

holly in heels


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