Thursday d'Orsay

d'Orsay: do you know what it means? Nope, not the museum, but the d'Orsay pump is what's on my mind today. The d'Orsay definition is "a woman's shoe in which the vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe box, and the sides are cut away, revealing the arch of the foot." Ya learn somethin' new every day, eh?

Well, I'm thinkin' that's most definitely inspired by the fact that I've found these Giambattista Valli Flower-Detail Ankle-Wrap d'Orsay. Long and lean and full of elegant detail. Suede with two-tone appliques on a peep-toe pump, and finished off with a sweet & delicate buckle. Perfection!
Do you d'Orsay?

holly in heels


  1. I love d'Orsay heels -- so sexy. These are gorgeous!
    xo Josie


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