Oscar style!

I love Oscar time. There's just something about the Academy Awards that gets me all starstruck and excited! This year, my fashion-ready star-gazing happened from the comfort of my squishy suede couch in the heart of my comfy living room. My dates to this at-home Oscar party were Ben & Jerry (yep, a pint of Chunky Monkey always does the trick!) and some delish Mexican food. Obviously, I was thankful I didn't have to squeeze myself into a sparkly dress, but it was sure fun to watch 'em! Here are a few of my Holly in Heels faves...

Hailee Steinfeld no doubt gets some props for showin' off her kicks! It's rare that a red carpet star wears a dress that doesn't hit the floor, and I'm proud that this lil' 14 year old was showing off her satiny peep toe heels! Great dress, Hailee in heels!

Ever since her Dawson's Creek days, I've been adoring Michelle Williams and her very pixie-girl style. Her angelic look lit up the red carpet last night, and her dramatic makeup sealed the deal. You can see her metallic platforms shining through this gorgeous gown.

Scarlett Johansen simply can't do wrong in my book. She's curvy and stunning, and has that rebel girl look to her. I love that she went a bit off path here with this high neck plumb lace gown. Looks stunning with her smokey eye makeup and tousled locks. The question is: what shoes could she be wearing??

Melissa Leo, nominated for best supporting actress for "The Fighter," arrived to the Academy Awards in a gorgeous high-neck lace dress, with t-strap metallic sandal heels. What a great springtime look, Ms. Leo!

And finally, Australia-born star Nicole Kidman may not have my favorite dress of the night (surprisingly, because it was Dior couture), but I'm givin' mad props to her for her red shoe choice. What a striking dash of color on such a special award-winning night!

Happy post-Oscar day!

holly in heels


  1. I thought Hailee Steinfield looked soo great for her young age! Her dress was adorable!! I loved Scarlet's dress too! Mila Kunis dress too I thought was fabulous!! =)

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  2. I loved Hailee and Scarlett. Nicole's shoes were definitely fierce!!

  3. I thought Hailee knocked it of the park and was so glad to see a young star staying age appropriate! And I loved seeing the lacey dresses.

  4. I thought that Hailee looked really cute and it was so age-appropriate. And I thought Mila Kunis looked GORGEOUS!
    xo Josie

  5. I thought Scarlett had the best red carpet style! I love that dress, and her hair was great- something I could actually pull off!


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