Put some spring in your step!

It's sort of a winter-ish, windy day outside my window, but nonetheless, I'm excited for SPRING! No doubt we'll be seeing a whole lotta coral colors, lace textures, and neutral-toned shoes. Here are a few lil' items that are makin' me stoked on spring.

The Hive & Honey Embroidered Sundress IS spring itself--radiant coral color and the embroidered detail are DELISH.

Tinley Road makes this great, dainty and sorta hippie-inspired 'Sarahh' sandal. An easy-to-manage 3-inch heel and the multiple-strap ankle details are makin' this kick so so special!
Elizabeth and James has done it again--check out the amazing olive color of this strappy thang: the 'Tari' sandal. A bit on the pricey side, but style just might be worth it!

Dear Mia Shoes: don't make me do it...you are tempting meeee! The Mia Limited Edition 'Seville' wedge sandal is the perfect spring-in-your-step shoe. Ready for a day at the mall, walkin' on that breezy boardwalk, or even headin' out for a night on the town--the khaki color of this fine shoe is all ready for you to pair with any outfit this season!

You stoked for spring like I am yet?

holly in heels
DON'T FORGET to enter my high heel giveaway, ladies (or gentlemen, if you feel like scorin' some maaaayyyjor points!)! It just might be your lucky day.


  1. I LOVE that dress! What a fabulous color. And those last wedges are amazing.
    xo Josie

  2. Wow love that dress & of course the heels. I think I need to hang something "springish" in front of my closet so this snow stops depressing me!!!!!


  3. I am really feeling that sundress...wish I was in Sunny So Cal so I could wear it lol :) Whitney

  4. *gaaaaasp! I'm in love...both the Elizabeth and James heel and the Mia Wedge are HEAVEN!!

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  5. love the coral dress, it's so cute!


  6. I love the Elizabeth and James heels... they're the perfect height and I LOVE the leather-wrapped ankle!

    So glad I found your blog, too!

    -xoxo Noe ADELLA AVENUE

  7. great to see you on jill's "it" list (i'm on there too:) i cannot wait for spring and now i can't wait to shop for spring shoes. i'm looking forward to staying updated on your blog!

  8. I'm loving coral...always make me think of spring...and I. Love the balance of the neutral

  9. This kind of shoes never will lose its charm and beauty. A number of fashions and styles in no way fade away.
    evening shoes


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