Aren't you stoked?!

Well friends, I, along with the ladies at KM2 shoes are beyond overwhelmed by the great response we've gotten from doing this giveaway for FREE HIGH HEELS! I mean who would be crazy enough not to enter for this fabulous prize though, right? As I've thrown on my own 'Kristin' heels from KM2 over the past few weeks, I can't help but think of how stinkin' happy I am to own such unique and funky heels! I know the winner of this giveaway will surely feel the same.

Soooo...drum roll please...Jaci is the lucky duck WINNER who's gonna be sportin' KM2's very soon! Aren't you stoked?!

And as for the rest of ya's, don't fret. I've got another ridiculously fun giveaway up my sleeve for next month. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, you can continue to show your love to the ladies of KM2 by spreadin' the word about their gorgeous heel creations. Hey, even think about treatin' yourself to some--you deserve it, right?! Besides, know that 10% of their sales go to fighting human trafficking. Great cause. Great shoes. You can't go wrong.

For my next KM2 heel purchase, I'm considering these fantastically elegant 'Lauralee' heels with pretty pretty princess hand-sewn flowers, and shimmering swarovski crystals. I love nude heels because they're the secret (or not-so-secret) to making my legs look miiiiiles long! And a little sparkle at the toe never hurts!

Or, I'm also lovin' the 'Thunderbird' heels (and I hear some of you are too!), with the decadent bling at the edge and the richly-colored feathers. Now theeeese are statement shoes, ladies. Turn those heads! And to top it all off, these little Thunderbirdies WERE $250, but are now half the price (and let's face it, whatta deal for elegant custom-made heels!)! How can you resist?

Thank you again to KM2 for teaming up with me on such a successful gig! We heart creative gals like you who continue to grow our love for shoes (and the number of pairs in our closets!).

holly in heels


  1. Oh pooh it wasn't me!! :( (^_^)!!! Congrats to the winner!

  2. So much prettiness -- I love it!
    xo Josie


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