Sky-high neutrals are walking your way!

Well, it's official: alluring springy platform sandals in chic neutral tones are draping the department stores & online shopping-ville everywhere I look! It's so super fun to see so many designers' takes a nude-colored sky-high wedges, strappy sandals and espadrilles. And if I do say so myself, has done a fabulouso job of giving us a good mix of what to wear this spring. Per Holly in Heels ritual, I've pulled some of my fav styles in the most breathtaking price ranges you'll find this side of shoe heaven. From the pop-star lines like Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers & Jessica Simpson's JS line, to the ever-classic Sam Edelman and Michael Kors brands--you're sure to find a tall, tall sandal to take you fashionably from mall Mondays to fiesta Fridays.
. . .

Harajuku Lovers 'Karis' Sandal towers high above the spring treetops, in the most funky way possible I must say! That platinum princess Gwen has done it again--the mesh, the pink soles and the buckled ankle--all let everyone know that you've arrived to the party. These 'Karis' sandals are not for the faint of heart (or weak of ankle!), with their 4 1/2" heel, and 1 1/4" platform, wowza. But they are beautiful on, and are for sure scoring high on your night out with the girls list! Under $90 too!
A bit more tame on the Richter scale of funk is this 'Kasi' Platform Espadrille (also from Harajuku Lovers' line). All twisted & knotted up at the center, this pretty dark brown leather is a color that makes for a good daytime or evening heel. A sweet, tiny buckle wraps delicately around the back of the ankle, while the roped base of the heel is ready to take you places! Add to wish list pu-leez!

Up to bat next, this Sam Edelman 'Kasi' Sandal is just plain gorgeous in my book (yep, and same style name as the Harajuku's above! Crazy, right?). I wasn't sure about that basket-weavers-dream, meshy leather wrapped all the way around the shoe (to the very sole!), but it quickly grew on me as it made it's style statement. Mr. Edelman sure makes some amazing wedge sandals--with a touch of class + hippie chic, he's got it nailed.
I couldn't resist featuring another Sam Edelman I found on (free shipping people, seriously), the Sam Edelman 'Kyla' Sandal. Hey, and it's another fully wrapped-up sandal with another good woven design on top! This time suede is the weapon of choice, and I'm loving the back of the wedge where a light wooden heel decided to peek through! Such a cool detail like that goes a looong way.
Simple & sweet the Michael Kors 'Meadow' Wedge Sandal surely gets an honorable mention for being so stinkin' clean cut and versatile. Rustic, stacked wedge and an amber brown x-strap make these your easy spring & summer staple, m'friends!
Miss Jessica Simpson may not be an expert when it comes to picking her men, but she sure knows a good shoe, eh? I'm lovin' these towering Jessica Simpson 'Heathery' Wedges, ideal for vacations and poolsides (bonus: sassy leopard accent design!). A sweet, smooth desert sand shade of leather's at the top, and stitching 'round the bottom gives good detail & flair. PLUS, you're gonna love the way your legs look in these tall thangs!

Ok, get ready...finale heel. These might be a tad outta your price range, but they're not a bit outta my dream-range! Dream with me! The Velvet Angels 'Le Mambo' Platform Sandal is geometrically perfect, in all the right spots. These are your spring dancin' shoes, ladies, just you wait! The chain link straps across the front bring a real unique style to a shoe that's pretty unforgettable. In every way.
Well, I've given you a lot to chew on here! Have fun and happy heel hunting.
holly in heels


  1. Ummmmm, the Michael Kors ones must be in my possession NOW. They are too gorgeous.
    xxoo Josie

  2. I love the heels on the bottom! I have some similar to them already, but I think I like these better. :)


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