Clog Culture

I get a ton (I mean a TON) of emails everyday from different mailing lists--mostly about fashion, makeup, accessories, handbags--from designers all over the globe. It's super girly fun to get up in the morning and look over my pretty emails + a good cup o' coffee. Today, I opened up a Daily Finds email from REALSIMPLE mag, titled '10 Classy Clogs' by writer Elinor Smith. I loved it, Elinor! Aaand it single-handedly inspired me to get into this whole clog-rage that seems to be sweeping the style world this season. Here are a few of my favs to get you inspired too:

The Seychelles brand is doin' a stellar job, as usual, of giving us their dolled up version of the clog--especially with their 'Twistin The Night Away' pumps! Although I'm unsure about dancin' & twistin' any nights away in these, I am sure that I could pair these up with a sweet outfit for day or evening outings. The dazzling pewter color is an easy and comfy way to dress up any outfit with little effort. Perfect crisscross leather strappies, too! Woo-wee!

Another Seychelles clog-fav of mine is the new 'Care to Dance' clog, also featured at a good price on (and free shipping, gals!). These boast just the right height to give some length to those cute-cute legs of yours, while showing off a knotted detail down the side of the shoe. Both Whiskey & Black leather shades are adorable, in my humble opinion, so you can't go wrong there. These are both playful & classic in all the right ways. is a new site to my style-spotting eyes and I'm so glad I found them! They offer tons of unique threads, accessories & shoes--you'll be shopping for days on their page, no doubt. New York-based designer Rachel Comey shows off this fantastic 'Closed Toe Twisted Clog' that will positively have you running to the closet to wear with anything in your wardrobe this spring. All of that twisted leathery detail and cute little buckle are sure get you thru long days at work when all you can do is stare are your shoes and think....'ahhh, what a good purchase!' ...not that I ever do that myself, just sayin'.

Clog culture at it's finest.
holly in heels


  1. I've been wanting a pair of clogs since I saw them on the Chanel Spring runway! and I fell in love with the Jeffrey Campbell Charli clog... I hope to get it soon. much more affordable than the Chanels, but oh how great it would be if the Chanel ones magically appeared on my door step!

    Happy Wednesday sweetie.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. This post is finally convincing me that I could possibly get into clogs... I've had my doubts, but I think I'm coming around!
    xxoo Josie

  3. I loooooooove clogs! Those Swedes sure know what's up ;)

  4. I'm excited to see that clogs are back in style. They are comfortable, and the heels are not too difficult to walk in. Love them!


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