Give me one in every color!

I have to say, it happens pretty frequently that I'll go out for a day o' shoe-shopping and I'll find an irresistible heel that I just cannot imagine walking through those exit doors without. And the problem occasionally arises that I fall in love with every single shade of the same shoe that I'll wanna exclaim to that sweet girl helping me, "gimme one in every color!" It's never actually happened, but I feel those words bubbling up inside every now and again.

Well the good news for Holly in Heels (and others like me) is that choosing more than one color in the same shoe is but a shameless click away when you're shop-shoppin' online! And Chinese Laundry has managed to get me ooo'ing and aww'ing over every color of their new spring 'Dresden' wedges. Now now, don't be afraid of that 5" heel--it's a wedge! Full high heel support and comfort! And three sweet gold studs glide down each side of these suede peep-toes. Just a reminder, it's FREE SHIPPING on their site now thru April 16th (cha-ching!)!
. . .

You could go the basic & versatile route, when choosing the SAND color wedge:
Or go the cool as a cucumber, I'm-dreaming-of-a-vacation-in-Palm-Springs road with the DESERT IVY tone (I'm totally admitting that my craving for a Palm Springs vaca, you're right):
Treat yourself like real royalty & complete your jewel-toned shoe collection with these gorgeous PURPLE heels:

Orrr, really shake things up with a sassy RED:
Any color, you can't go wrong. And you'll be set for the last few weeks of spring!

holly in heels


  1. Oh, I LOVE the sand and purple ones! Super pretty.
    xxoo Josie

  2. Cute, especially the purple!!!

  3. Great wedges - and so versatile! I love the purple and red ones most :)


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