What's your style?

I've been thinking a lot today about personal style. We all have it, we all change it up in new seasons of our lives, and we all look to a brand we love or a celeb we adore to inspire our personal style. I think one of the things that I love about personal style is that is collective - it's gathered in my memory bank as I flip through magazines, catalogues, or watch my favorite shows on television. And while I do peruse fashion week runways and high fashion magazine articles on occasion, it's the display windows of Anthropologie, Gap, Madewell, and Nordstrom that get me creating new outfits and craving new apparel for my closet.

Take a peek into my (messy, yet overflowing) walk-in closet and you'll find taped up next to the mirror a collage of catalogue cutouts of outfits and influence...and ignore the giant stuffed cat - which was a OC Fair prize my hunky husband won ;)  When I'm in that "what the heck do I wear?" sort of mood, I look at these pics and remind myself of the simple things in my wardrobe, the stylish pairings that I dig, to pull a strong outfit together.

Personal style: it could be a great anthropological study, really. What is it? Where do we get it? Why does it change?

Deep thoughts from a shoe blogger, needless to say ;)

So, what's your style?

holly in heels


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