GUEST POST: It’s a Boot World and We’re Just Living in it!

Today I'm thinkin' of spicing things up a bit - it's bee a little too long since I've had a male voice on this fashion blog, and I love to get a man's take on trends, and of course, shoes! So today we're getting schooled on what to look for in a men's boots, from the Clint Washington, author of, a shallow-walleted man’s approach to men’s fashion. Love it! Enjoy this cheap gent's perspective as we immerse ourselves in boot season!
holly in heels
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As I head into boot season, I look through my closet and question the far-too-trendy decisions I made and the fashionably reckless person I was that year. But this year, I refuse to fall down that rabbit-hole of purchase despair. So I’ve taken a deep dive into the world of men's fashion and found some of the most functional, stylish, seasonally universal, and (most importantly) affordable boot options for every man. I’m sure you have someone in your life just like me, a man in desperate need of an affordable and wardrobe-inspiring pair of mud-stompers! And as we explore this boot world, we will take a look at three important boot aspects: color, shape, detailing. Take a look:

Color. I stick with a brown (most hues are fine), as they are more universally accepted for wear (night on the town, picnic, rave) and look polished and trendy.

Shape. An ankle or mid-ankle will do just fine. Anything taller will give extra bulk to the pant leg (who knows, you may need it).

Detailing. Detailing on a casual boot can be tough to get just right. Wingtips, cloth and metal finishes, and heavy texture are great ways to enhance the overall boot impression. Just don’t over do it (pardon the non-Nike reference!).

Check me out on or more on a shallow-walleted man’s approach to men’s fashion.


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