Sneaker talk!

As these love-r-ly fall and winter months creep in, it's time to expand the shoe selection and throw the sandals to the back of the shoe closet yet again. Maaaan, I just love this time of year! Scarves, coats, boots, corduroy, suede, leather...the bundled-up list goes on and on.

The changing of the season always brings in the new--and one of my favorite things about the cooler months of October, November, December is the new styles and brands I come across. That's why I was beyond stoked when I found Burnetie Shoes. Burnetie brings to the table a product that fits every gals' lifestyle, with an un-compromised quality, and a no-nonsense price. Probably the coolest thing about Burnetie is that they strive for a "zero waste manufacturing process by factories that are as much committed to their employees as they are to their customers." I dig! Burnetie Shoes also boasts award-winning Corporate Responsibility programs--it's no wonder, since they're outsoles are made up from 30% to 50% of devulcanized rubber, and they've reduced their packaging by 30%! My inner hippie comes out at the thought...

Burnetie has adorable kicks for women & men, that includes an amazing price point, starting in the $20 range! I myself am the proud owner of the City Sport tennis shoes, in lovely lavender. Yeeeeeah, I kinda like 'em (understatement of the year!). Holly in Heels approved. Fo sho.

So as you prep for the coming fall and winter months, and maybe take a peek at spicing up the more casual side of your wardrobe, make sure you remember the go-green shoe company who makes the cutest and most quality kicks this side of December! Don't forget to bookmark the Burnetie Shoes site, fan them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter, too! A great company like this deserves for the word to be spread and the style to be shared.

holly in heels
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