A good pop o' color

Everyone needs a good pop o' color every now and again. As the season changes and the clouds roll in (which I love, don't get me wrong!), I can't help but need a dash of bright in my wardrobe each day. And of course, in true Holly in Heels fashion, I like to say it with shoes.

After a fab tip from my friend over on the Glitter & Grace blog, I made my newest colorful shoe purchase from Forever 21. These gorgeous cone heel pumps, in a lovely coral or teal, were such a steal, and the perfect addition to my shoe closet wardrobe!

In this case, I opted for the teal color (although I coulda purchased both for this crazy-good price!) and they of course turned out to be the perfect color kick to my week. Paired with a black pencil skirt + a black and white striped sweater, I felt like I had a lil' extra swing in my step!

Nothing like a good heel to brighten my day. What do you do to add a pop of color in your life?

holly in heels

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  1. yay! love them. and your outfit sounds adorable from that day! wish we could see the whole thing! thanks for the shout out lady :)


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