A cure for the Mondays.

Mondays are hard for me. It's always like I could use just one more day to sleep in and stay in my pajamas until noon, before throwing on a baseball cap and heading to run my errands. So after a busy weekend and a busy Monday, there's nothing I'd rather come home to than a big, shoe-box-shaped cardboard box carefully placed on my doormat. It's like the box is welcoming me home. And when that oversized box has an adorable pair of shoes (that I may or may not have forgot I ordered) in it...Ooooo, watch out! A sure cure for a case of the Mondays.

These lovelies awaited me today when I pulled up in my driveway. A lovely gold cap-toe pair of pumps from Tobi, my new fave online store. Everyday, Tobi tempts me with their 30% off new arrivals and adorable discount designer threads. I looooove this store, and you will too! Join now and share the news!

...And may you always have a cure for the Mondays.

holly in heels


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