Loving Louboutin, Part Deux!

Yesterday, as you may know, I featured the brand spankin' new stock of Neiman Marcus' Christian Louboutin Spring Collection--filled with wedges, peep-toes, cork heels, bows, strappys, and patent leather! Hope it was some sweet eye candy for your Wednesday. Welllll, I have good news: today's day 2 of my feature on the new Louboutin collection, this time we're soakin' up the rays of the bright colors, textures and patterns in Christian's Resort Collection! Pretty sure my mouth is watering and my wallet is just about to grow little legs and jump outta my Louis, headed straight for Neiman's! See for yourself...

Meet you at the mall?

holly in heels


  1. Those red & white checkered peep-toes are SO adorable - like a sexy version of Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island - I'm picturing wearing those with Denim capris and pigtails!! Ahhh, gorgeous! :-D

  2. Can I have them all please? But really, those pink ones? I need! And yes, need not want.

  3. These make not shopping so hard. Love them all!

  4. That third pair is KILLER -- I love the pink!
    xo Josie

  5. I'm in love! I want the first ones though...

  6. I wish I could own every single pair here. I love them all!



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