Back from the desert life...

Sooooo, I must apologize to all of you sweet lil' Holly in Heels readers--I've been an uber duber slacker lately on the updates. I know you all are DYING for the latest in high heel news, but my blogging fingers had to take a little break for the week. I am happy to report that I had a fab-yoo-lus trip to Las Vegas with my hub, celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary (I know, we're old pros now, huh!). I was able to kick off my heels and reeeeeally relax over the best of the best food, bev & fun that desert paradise has to offer. Ahhhhh, take me back!

WELP, now it's back to reality, and time to update you all on some shoe-news. I will tell ya that at the top of my list of items to share with you on this fine Friday is the beyond-gorgeous collection of Jimmy Choo's that Neiman's has in stock right now. Pretty breathtaking, right? Makes me wanna win that Mega Millions that keeps climin' and climin'! Well, my pick o' the shoe litter from all of the spring Choo's is this Ankle-Wrap Shimmer Suede Sandal (somehow $500 seems like a deal compared to most Jimmy's!). Rocker-girl meets tres chic on this sweet suede number, and the sky-high wedge heel is no match for the buckled-up ankle strap that'll hold you in--even a no-slip rubber sole makes these worry-free to traipse around town in.

What's YOUR fave Jimmy Choo out there right now, gals?
holly in heels

P.S. have you entered yo' bad self in MY HEEL GIVEAWAY yet? Ya, get on that.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS; I love them!
    xo Josie

  2. What an absolutely fabulous pair, would love to have them. I love almost everything by Jimmy Choo.

  3. Aww Congrats on your anniversary! It's always good to take a blogging break :)


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