Friiiiiday, Friiiiday

As YouTube superstar Rebecca Black would say, It's Friiiiiday, Friiiiiday...! Ok ok, she sorta annoys me too (although I can't get that darned song outta my head!), but I'm in agreement with Miss Black that I'm so happy it's Friday! Why you ask?

1. It's Friday. Did I already say that?
2. The hubs & I are headed to Vegas this weekend for some anniversary celebrating and lots of laying by the pool (2 years has just flooooown by!)
3. This past week's been absolutely nuts and jam-packed with schtuff.
4. I've come across this awesomely awesome Shoes Appreciation Society collage that I want to turn into wallpaper and look at all of the time! Adorable, right?
5. We are one day closer to picking a #WINNER for my high heels giveaway! Hope you've gotten in on that by now!

pic courtesy of

Happy Friiiiiday, Friiiiiiday, all!
holly in heels


  1. K that collage is perfect.. I'm in love! Possibly needs to be framed. <3

  2. its rebecca black dollface


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