Fall feet

It almost frightens me to say it, but with it being November 1st and all...I think it's officially fall. It only sorta scares me because I'm remembering that as soon as Halloween passes, it's time for retail stores everywhere to whip out the red & green and for old people to start making remarks about my name being "appropriate for the holidays" (yep, happens waaaay too much). But indeed, summer is but a memory and the holiday season is HERE! So I figured these shoe-scoutin' fingers would type up a post with some of my fave fall shoe selections. Rich, warm colors and fabrics that'll have you running for opaque tights and chunky knit scarves...

Yesterday I popped a few homemade, nutmeg-filled pumpkin pies in the oven and I sniffed in the autumn ambiance that finally filled my household. YUM! Allllmost as yum & yellow as these UO Suede Pumps. These perfect pumps by BDG have a chic & chunk 3 1/2" heel, and come in all kindsa fabulous colors for every season. Just a tip: the sizing on these suckers runs large, so order a size down for a good fit.

Although rather funktified, I'll admit, I couldn't help but feature these Jeffrey Campbell Suede Platform Wedge Heel beauties. 4 1/2-inch heel + 1-inch platform = pure standout style. And the quarterstrap detail with the dainty-doo side buckle truly took the cake for me! So fall-ish, and so adorable (also order a half size up).

Or take a gander at these vintage-inspired oxfords with a modern twist: the Cooperative Suede Oxford Heel is quite charming, eh?! Corded laces tie up a wingtip-detailed oxford heel that is unmatchably preppy and unmistakeably stylish.

So happy happy November, fellow shoe-lova's--enjoy the season of yummy food, family fun, love & light, and of course, new pumps & heels. Oooo, and did I mention it's a $10 flat rate shipping at Urban right now? Yep, so hurry hurry, add to bag-it!

holly in heels


  1. I love those UO Heels! They have them in a few colors and I pretty much want them all.

  2. I agree, they are super cute and reasonably priced. Hey Holly, do you know if they are comfortable though? :) Whitney

  3. I love all of these pretty fall shoes! To me, nothing screams FALL like a pretty pair of boots.
    xo Josie

  4. So glad you love these selections, ladies! Miss Whitney: I have only slipped my feet into the BDG pumps (and they're awesome), but the others I have not tried. All of these puppies got good ratings online, though, so I'm almost CERTAIN they'll all have a comfortable fit!

  5. I love those UO pumps!

  6. Love the first two!! Have been looking for mustardy coloured pumps since forever, so maybe this is finally my moment!

  7. That first pair is THE perfect fall color! Love!

  8. i do love the first pair of shoes too

  9. these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo


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