Gold n' Blush

Check out these soft summer finds I dashed across while browsing today...nothin' like a little gold n' blush to get me dreaming about the pretty little shabby-chic items of this breezy summer season!

For starters, take these ultra comfy 'Sylvia' metallic leather pumps from J.Crew! This just-a-little-lighter-than-your-skin shaded heel creates a beautiful leg-lengthening look with minimal effort on your part (just a click of the button away really!). Pair metallic leather pumps like these up with almost anything in your ever-growing closet and you're ready for summer! Heck, you need something dashing to sport to all of those summer weddings you've somehow been conned into attending, ya?

And just to add to the muy romantica theme, check out these J.Crew gems: Cabochan chandelier earrings. These dainty chandeliers will go nicely with your 'Sylvia' pumps as well as a plain ol' white tee & trouser jeans...very versatile!

So amidst the bright summer colors that you're tempted to throw on this season, don't forget about the softer side of June thru August and leave a little room for the pretty pretty gold n' blush!

holly in heels

P.S. Check out some sweet giveaways: right here on Holly in Heels & one fab one on! 'Cause who doesn't dig free stuff?!


  1. How soothing and calming! LOVE the colors :)

  2. The perfect match! I generally prefer my heels a bit higher but these are too pretty to resist.
    xxoo Josie

  3. Oo those earrings are so pretty! JCrew has some really great costume jewelry :)


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