Falling for fur?

I have to say that when I got the press release from the folks over at Stuart Weitzman this week, my jaw dropped at the sight of their fall 2010 collection of fur boots. Now, I'm honestly not one to dig fur--it sorta makes me think of all of the fur-collared coats and hand muffs my grandma used to own back in the 40's that now occupy my mother's hall storage closet. It's almost like an old fashioned thing in my mind because of that. Funny, huh? Well Stu Weitz's fall line of fabulous furs is anything but old fashioned--it's pure, 100% modern luxurious! I'm totally stuck on this first sienna brown pair with the cute studded buckles that hug your fit in tight. I know it's a bit too warm outside to be thinking about bundling up again (no no, please enjoy those tank tops and wedge sandals while you can!), but what do YOU think of the fall fur boot trend?
holly in heels

P.S. Check out my article for the Examiner, covering this sneak peek at fall boots!


  1. I love the boots but don't really know if I can get into the fur thing... Maybe it's just too hot to think about it right now!
    xo Josie

  2. I'm not a big fur person - could be because I live where it's a blazing 100+ degrees! But you'd be cute in anything :)

  3. I'm with the other ladies. It's hard to think about fur here in FLA. But that second pair is awfully pretty...as long as it's faux fur. I'm guessing it's not. HA!

  4. Oh, Stuart, you sexy beast. I'll take the first pair, please!

    xoxo, Ashley


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