Splurge of Spade

Let's all admit it now, just to get it out in the open: all girls need to splurge every now and again. You know it--whether you lost your job or your boyfriend, a little retail therapy never hurt anyone, and sometimes is the quick cure. I got to thinking this (not because I'm having a bad day, thank goodness!) but because I've been browsing Kate Spade shoes, and I feel like the only way I could ever justify a KS purchase is by using my "splurge" excuse! I don't pull it out very often, but once in a while it's very necessary.

Ms. Spade is adorably classic, with her tidy lines and popping color. I think a good rule to hold onto is: you must, at all times, have that "go to" heel that you can throw on with just about anything and look polished! Here are just a few of my favs...

First up, this conservatively funky kellie too pump, which comes in 3 amazing colors--I'd buy all 3 if I were you! It gives off that modern-Audrey Hepburn aura, in a bold bold way.

Kate show's off a multi-colored edge, of crinkly patent with the Tess t-strap sandals. Pungent and versatile, you'll be ready for any event, day or evening!
My last Spadey-pick is this kicky platform espadrille, that's perfectly golden and braided to boot! The Kate Spade 'Candice' boasts rows of detail with those gold braids on the earthy, jute heel. I think you might love-these-long-time.

...just a few splurge-worthy items to wet your whistle and tuck in that back pocket for 'one of those days.'

holly in heels


  1. I agree -- when I think Kate Spade, I think poppy colors and clean lines. I am loving your picks!
    xxoo Josie

  2. eeeiiiii I am so excited for espadrille weather to return! loving kate's latest looks.
    thanks for stopping by our blog xoxo

  3. Kellie Too....won't you be mine?

  4. The last ones are so classic

  5. thanks for tweeting me! loove your blog. youre now on my blog roll! and btw those wedges are amazingg xoxo - daisy


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