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So, I've had a few recent reader requests for low/mid heel shoe features, as to accommodate those blessed with Heidi Klum legs (which I am not included in, I'll have you know). While I'm no runway star (yet), I do know how challenging it can be to scour through the shoe racks & online stores to find the shoe that compliments your height and leg-look best. And to be quite frank, I thought this might be a challenge for me--but I'm either just way too good at this shoe blog OR there are just so many good designers out there with so much fabulous variety that I was able to find a good selection of fun tall-girl picks! Happy to share, once again:

The Italian brand, Butter, offers a huge selection of colorful and comfy gems on the 'Cancun' Kitten Heel pump (at a great sale price now!), the 'Popsicle' Peep Toe wedge, as well as their 'Apricot' Peep Toe wedge, shown below. All 3 of these have Spring 2010 color that'll pop and make any outfit memorable. also throws their hat in there with the super pretty 'Maya' Vintage Stud Sling Sandal, by FRYE. I'm just gonna come right out and say it...ALL of the colors this slingback is offered in are gorgeous in different ways, but if you know me, I'm gonna tell you to purchase the yellow! How happy and studly is this shoe?!
Another sweet & shiny low-heel find is the Jessica Simpson 'Heatherr' Wedge. Yes, I said it. Jessica has brought the goods once again with this classic patent loafer look, with added stylishly chunky white stitching on the side.
BONUS: I'm also diggin' the snakeskin shade of the 'Heatherr' Wedge.
Equally cute, but more spring/summery sandals are found in Nicole's 'Amused' sandals. A solid 2" heel, and all of those funky straps, wrapped around your ankle and foot, plus the back-zip closure--whew, such a good heel!
Last, but certainly not least, I just HAD to throw an animal print in here (rawr!). This steal-of-a-deal KensieGirl 'Lisa' pump was difficult to pass up. The leopard fabric on these pretty thangs is so friendly, and non-trashy, I think it's a hard trait to find (I'm still talking about shoes here people). Great price, right at $50, could buy you a statement shoe worth walking in!
Enjoy, my tall sistas!

holly in heels


  1. This is FABULOUS!!! Such cute finds and great suggestions. Thank you, Holly in Heels!!!

  2. Ahhhhh I want them all! Especially the yellow ones, the strappy ones (SO COOL)and Jessica Simpson's wedge. Thank you, Holly in Heels! These are so fabulous and creative! Keep the ones for tall girls comin! :)

  3. FYI--I just purchased the Jessica Simpson black patent leathers and I loooove them! They're super comfy and are perfect for long work days. I highly recommend. is all sold out but you can buy at a good price on Zappos!

  4. The yellow show was totally cute. I know your the heels girl, but I need a fabulous nude flat. With summer coming, a nude flat will come in handy. I wouldn't mind one with some nuetral decor, so it would go with many items.
    Any suggestions? Also, any striped shoes that are less than six inches. I am 5"10' and a bit clumsy, so two inches would be better.


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