Stuck on Suedes

I'm not quite certain what it is, but my ardent eye has been stuck on suedes this week! Frankly, I'm blaming it on these red Franco Sartos I bought a few weeks ago. These shoes have single-handedly turned around the simplest outfit into a stylish soiree. Thank you Franco!

So, it's only appropriate for me to share my mid-January obsession with suede--and you'll be glad I did. Steve Madden's Flawwles peep toes are tagged as "plum"...but I'll just call them plain fabulous. gives you a good deal on these babies, at just under $100. Purple (aka plum) is just one of those delicious colors that added to ANY outfit, you've established yourself as queen. For purple = royalty, right? I think what takes the cake on these suckers is the stitching detail on the back of the heel. Uh-dorable!

These pink suede Christian Louboutins are equally fabulous in texture and color AND come at an amazing price on this website...what more could you ask for?! I simply can't resist that trademark glossy red soul on Christian's signature pumps, and find that when every part of my shoes are gorgeous, it's worth the extra buck.

My last suede sensation for your pretty Saturday is the Selma Three Buckle Pumps on Shopbop (one of my fav sites, if you'll notice!). They aren't for your shoe closet's spring collection, obviously, but that's why they're on sale my friend! The small detail buckles paired with the grey suede are sure to give you that edgy-conservative look that you're goin' for. Ahhh, I can just SEE myself in these with cute black opaque tights...gosh, I heart shoes.

...until next time!
holly in heels


  1. i LOVE the puruple steve madden shoes. just what would i wear with them... :)

  2. Hey Miss Fashion, thanks for the comment! Purple pairs with anything really! Sassy black dress, skinny jeans and a cute neutral top, you name it girl!
    xoxo, holly


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