It's never too early for YELLOW...and more!

Of course the day I get excited about Tory Burch sandals, it starts raining outside again in "sunny" Southern California! Go figure. Well, I have faith that this El Nino will turn around in no time, and I'll be gassing up my car for a full day of spring shoe shopping!

I may not need to go anywhere, though...check out my online finds for today: Come on, I know you can survive this 5" heel to make up for the extra leg God forgot to give you and gave Heidi Klum instead: Naughty Monkey's latest 'FIESTA' PUMP

Spring 2010 shoes fashions are all about color, pattern, texture, embellishment...and height, height, height! But if the 5-inchers just aren't callin' your name, I've also spotted these, understated but signature slingbacks. Basically, braids + studs = your favorite sandals (not just a way to describe your mom's college graduation photo!)

For those of you still holding onto icey winter (or maybe you just live in the Midwest!), I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: Very Volatile Alotta Boots are on sale right now for less than $70! DO IT. YOU KNOW YOU CAN! And those buttons on the side of the boots will get you far, guaranteed.


holly in heels


  1. I have no idea what any of this means, but it so freaking enthusiastic I can't help but love the post... seriously fun writting babe, and I'm glad to know what you were waiting for to turn that gas light off, shoe shopping OF COURSE! 143

  2. Wow... you're really got the shoe lingo down! I think I'll be learning a lot about fashion from you... thanks Holly!


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