Bringin' the sass

I cannot tell a lie--when I think of Old Navy, I think of talking mannequins and cargo pants. My 8th-grade-self can't help from coming out and remembering the good times I had with Old Nav! It's not a bad thing, and maybe it's just me. Regardless, I do not think of striking, sassy shoes.

But let me enlighten you, friends! Old Navy's bringin' the sass. These strappy metallic purple wedges are sure to make a statement with any simple or print dress (they come in dark brown too, but come on, get wild for a change). The price is right at under $30.

Ok, and if you really wanna kick it up a notch (for just a few bucks more), check out these strappy suede numbers from Banana Republic. That good olive color can really pair up with any chic outfit--dressed up or down. Take it from the BR gods: "The ultimate in feminine flattery: criss-cross straps on a trend-right platform elongate the leg for eye-catching style." Words of shoe wisdom right there. And that PRICE...oooo girl, hit that sale while it's hot.

holly in heels


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