Summer of sandals.

It's no secret that I miss heels. Sure, sure, being pregnant has plenty of perks (getting waited on hand-n-foot, traffic stopping belly, excuse to eat a lotta ice cream), but a few drawbacks too...especially when you've got a case of the swells. Hellooooo, summertime baby! So when I temporarily gave up heels a few months ago, I swallowed my pride and invested in a few pairs of sandals from both Target and Nordstrom.

Out of all of the sandals I've slipped these mama-to-be feet into this summer, I have to say that the most versatile and stylish pair of sandals is the Mossimo 'Lena' Metal Toe Flip Flop from Target, in black. A great padded sole, double straps around the foot, and a chic gold finish at the toe, and the $17 price is just right. I dig!

And if I had a few more months of this baby-carrying thang, I think I might be tempted to purchase the turquoise, pink and metallic gold colors, too! Look how gorge!

So whether it's for pregnancy comfort, or just plain flip-flop love for this summer of sandals, these Target flips are worth every penny (and then some!).

holly in heels

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