Summer of sandals.

It's no secret that I miss heels. Sure, sure, being pregnant has plenty of perks (getting waited on hand-n-foot, traffic stopping belly, excuse to eat a lotta ice cream), but a few drawbacks too...especially when you've got a case of the swells. Hellooooo, summertime baby! So when I temporarily gave up heels a few months ago, I swallowed my pride and invested in a few pairs of sandals from both Target and Nordstrom.

Out of all of the sandals I've slipped these mama-to-be feet into this summer, I have to say that the most versatile and stylish pair of sandals is the Mossimo 'Lena' Metal Toe Flip Flop from Target, in black. A great padded sole, double straps around the foot, and a chic gold finish at the toe, and the $17 price is just right. I dig!

And if I had a few more months of this baby-carrying thang, I think I might be tempted to purchase the turquoise, pink and metallic gold colors, too! Look how gorge!

So whether it's for pregnancy comfort, or just plain flip-flop love for this summer of sandals, these Target flips are worth every penny (and then some!).

holly in heels


  1. Thanks for sharing the designer sandals with us. It's really nice collection of sandals.


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