Purchase with purpose: iSanctuary

Earlier this week, I covered a new fashion find of mine, a jewelry designer with a sustainable cause. It's all the rage right now (TOMS shoes, Krochet Kids, the list goes on...), and low and behold, I found a NEW fave to add to the list: iSanctuary. iSanctuary employs young women rescued from human trafficking, in both India and the United States, through the production and sale of this amazing jewelry--a powerful healing experience for these human trafficking survivors. How amazing would it be to recover from such a tragedy in the form of creating something beautiful + new? I'm all for this cause...and I have a feeling you are too.  
Read more about International Sanctuary here.

And man oh man does this company have some gorgeous and original designs! Check out their most recent Spring/Summer line, and beautiful Artisan line, too. I recently snagged the classic 'Ring of Gold' bracelet from iSanctuary, and I have to say I absolutely adore it. The gold is so bright and fresh, but I love how matte it is in color. Perfect for these summer days, stacking with other bracelets too!

So now it's your turn: hop on over to iSanctuary's website and pick out your own beautiful jewels, and support one amazing survivor of human trafficking. You can also get involved now in supporting iSanctuary by hosting an Awareness Event, hosting a trunk show, volunteering with them, and more.

Follow @iSanctuary on Twitter, Follow their stylish and inspiring boards on Pinterest, and become a fan of iSanctuary on Facebook

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