I miss heels.

It's official. I miss heels. I may get to wear spandex a whole lot, and tighter dresses than I've worn since my college days...and I do get the occasional "you're the cutest pregnant girl!" comment (which I do appreciate), but nothing compares to wearing heels. I miss standing in front of my shoe closet, looking for the perfect pair to my outfit. I miss the long look my legs used to have in a good pair of heels or wedges - the way it would finish an outfit and make me feel like a million bucks! Only a few more months of this...but in the meantime, excuse me while I drool over these 'Abby' wedge espadrilles with the clear heel, by French Connection. Love me some turquoise!

So all you NON-preggo girls out there, do me a favor. Wear some heels in honor of yours truly. I'll be joining you in about 6 weeks (along with a margarita)!

holly in heels


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