Mellow for Yellow.

I have this thing for yellow. I don't know really when it happened or how it happened...but for years now, yellow just makes me so stinkin' happy. It's so unexpected, so bright and non-obnoxious. It's pretty much my favorite color of shoe & heel, that's for sure. So when I sunk my eyes into these Velveteen Platform Pumps from Forever 21 (uhhhh, who doesn't love F21?!), and then shortly thereafter noticed they were $32, I gasped with girlish glee! So soft and so feminine, and so cute with jeans :)
Do you have a color that makes you just jump for joy when putting on an outfit? Any shoe or accessory color that brightens your day? Do tell!

holly in heels


  1. Lovely babe! Let`s follow each other!

  2. What an amazing pair of shoes! I'm going to try and get my hands on a pair, thanks for sharing:)

    Pink Chai Style


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