Fresh Produce, fresh scarf.

Sooo, not only do I love shoes (obvi!) but I love accessories. Yep, anything I can get my hands on in order to add a little sumpin' to my style is what I dig. Whether it's some oversized earrings, a big baubly ring, some lovely bangles or a colorful scarf--all do the job of spicing up my life! And when I came across the scarves on this sweet lil' online shop called Fresh Produce, I was giddy--check it out. Lots of color, texture, and design that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Loved this beachy starfish scarf, the basic-colored pom scarves (too cute!), and this casual fall-like scarf, too. I, myself, was able to snag their super-pretty tie dye scarf in a bright & pretty coral color (although it was hard to choose from the 4 tie dye'd colors they offer!). It sorta reminds me of something my art school'd mom would've worn when she was in college. I love the braided tassels that adorn each edge of the scarf too--so cute!
Here's me, happy as can be in my new tie dye scarf from FP!

So when you have the hankerin' for some amazing accessories (womens + kids apparel too!), head to Fresh Produce's sweet web store and poke around to see what deals you can get for your summertime coverings!

holly in heels


  1. cute scarf! I really like it :) it goes perfect with your shirt!

    Have a great Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter!}


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