A Preview of Shoe Spring.

Spring is in the air! Ok, well for most of you around the US of A, Spring hasn't quite hit yet (and you probably wanna kick this So Cal girl, sittin' pretty in her 75 degree weather!)--but head to your nearest Nordstrom, and you'll sure feel like it's time for bees to buzz, people to fall in love, and the Easter bunny to bring more chocolate to your doorstep! Specifically, of course, I'm talking about the fashion--and Spring 2012 shoe trends in particular. This season, I'm seeing bright hues: yellows, fuchsias, greens:

...and the beloved shooties are also back in style:

More samples and styles to come soon...but in the meantime, do tell: what do you think about the new Spring 2012 shoe styles?

holly in heels


  1. Pretty shoes :)


  2. I was just at Nordstrom yesterday and was loving all the colorful heels on display!! Can't wait to add some more fun to my closet...

    XO - Marion

  3. Damn..! Those shoes are just so fabulous..!


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