The 30 Countdown

I never thought this day would come...but I have a landmark birthday coming up here pretty quick. Yep, in just over a week, I'll be turning the big 3-0! I feel like I've put a lot of pressure on myself or at least a lotta thought into that big, round number. I'm the youngest of cousins in a biiiiig, big family, and I always remember people turning 16, then 18, then 21...but then they'd turn 30 and I thought to myself: "whooooa, they're all grown up now, and surely have it all figured out!" I know that ain't the case, and I'm a constant moving, growing, learning, wandering work of art. And somehow that's comforting.

But in the meantime, I've found a few sweet sayings that I deeeeeeply wanna try and concentrate on as the countdown to 30 begins. Cross your fingers I don't forget any of these too quickly amidst all of the parties and birthday shoes - and enjoy a little inspiration while you're with me, no?...

holly in heels


  1. Love it! Happy 30th birthday Holly! I thought I'd have it all together when I turned 30 too...but now I'm pretty sure 50, 60, 70 year-olds are still waiting to figure it all out...I'm not sure it ever happens - but at least the journey is fun (most of the time)!


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