Special Feature: ObviLux it up!

Hello heel-lovers! I know you all are not only SHOE fans like myself, but fashion fans in general too. So that's why I just had to share this fun find with you all! I recently came across a lil' gem of a website, that's launching TODAY (woot!). So lemme explain this awesome shopaholic's delight of a site...

Ever wish you could find people with similar tastes to share your favorite looks with? Well, this site has just what you're lookin' for then (aaaand you get rewards!). ObviLux is a new social shopping community used for finding & sharing the hottest clothing and products on the web. ObviLux makes it super-duper easy to bookmark or tag yummy clothes/shoes/styles, using their “Lux It!” button that can simply dragged and dropped onto your web browser's toolbar. Genius, right? Created by a group of design students in San Francisco who want to make online shopping better for fashion-fans everywhere, ObviLux is sure to be a hit (aren't you glad you're hearin' it here first?!). Check out this sweet + short video on ObviLux for a step-by-step crash course.

So treat yourself, and check out ObviLux on their big launch day today to share life’s Obvious Luxuries! And while you're at it, LIKE ObviLux on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter for all of the latest.

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