How High is Too High?

Well, it officially feels like summer now. After a few wedding showers, a graduation and a whole lotta sunshine lately, I think my mind is officially in summer mode. And praise the lord, because I needed a lil' break from the mundane, the dreary--it's time for vacations, sunscreen & hot summer style! And as I mentioned last week, platforms are all the rage right now, givin' us short gals a run for our money. But as these sky-high platforms come back into play this summer, it has me wonderin': how high is too high? Just where will you draw the line?

Take these J. Simps 'Trixie' kicks for one. They are true sassy Simpson style--great leather, great pattern and texture, brassy stud-adorned, etc. etc. but wowwwwza on that 2" platform with a risky nearly 6" heel! Even my wicked-strong calf muscles just ran and hid in the closet out of sheer fear of failure!

So tell me, dolls: how high is too high for you? Would you slip your pretty little foot into these suckers? I'm lookin' for answers...

holly in heels


  1. Way too high! I won't wear anything above 3.5 inches.

  2. Ooooh, couldn't do it. Five inches is my limit!
    xo Josie

  3. As much as I love them, I wouldn't be walking far in them! I'm sure some shoes are made for sitting in - do you get what I mean? xx

  4. I'd wear them, they are super cute. I have a few pair of 6 inch stilettos the are pretty comfortable.

  5. The highest heels I've ever worn was 5.5 inches and I am a plus size girl. Those heels hurt like crazy but I got tons of compliments and my calf muscles appreciate me now!

  6. Although I haven't tried wearing those sky-high pairs, I'd say, Id stick to what I know best and wear only as high as 4.5". Does practise make perfect apply here??? Lemme know so I can start practising! *wink*



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