Think outside the box, man.

Lately, I've been gettin' a bit more adventurous with my shoe choices. Now don't get me wrong, I do follow the latest and greatest trends and stay super-duper plugged into what's in the stores and on the runway, but once in a while I like to stray from the norm, the predictable, the everyone's-wearin'-it, and get my hands on (and my feet into!) somethin' different. I like to think outside the box, man. And I'm sharing my top 2 choices with you--yep, you're just thaaaat special.

First up to bat is this lovely, amazing, chic, flowery, retro 'Exclusive Delight' sandal by Poetic License. I will dish the dirt to you that this is the bridesmaid shoe of my choice for an upcoming wedding I am in (yes, my sweet soon-to-be sis in law allowed us to pick out our own shoes!). The minute the lemon-y yellow caught my eye while browsing in Nordstrom the other day, I had to have these puppies. These have just the right amount of color pop that I'm always lookin' for, without being too gaudy, sparkly or bright. Love!

Going a little more on the neutral side of the street, I found these gorgeous Plenty by Tracy Reese 'Zora' sandals--fit for a queen (or maybe they just remind me of Kate Middleton style somehow). Either way, I'm smitten. An almost 4-inch heel gives that little lift this spring is callin' for, and the nude leather color lengthens the look of your hot-hot legs! The unpredictable zipper up the back heel seals you in tight (but not too tight!), and I especially love the tassel detail on this sandal--so preppy and classic chic.

Have you thought outside the box this week? I'm curious! If you have, tell me what fashions you've tried on for size...

holly in heels


  1. Love the Tracy Reese ones -- so pretty!
    xo Josie

  2. I like your choices :-) They are refreshingly pretty, and not just different "because".

    Relatable Style


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