Rainy Day Dreamin'

I don't know about you, but outside my window it's cold + wet! And while that sorta weather does make me wanna curl up with my leopard snuggie, it does not make me wanna throw on my cutest-of-cute heels and hit the town. After all, they haven't made rain boots in heel form yet, right? Yikes! All of this to say that I'm mixin' it up today: let's talk summer polish colors. Let's face it, you can't sport your summer kicks proudly without a proper mani-pedi! So here's the sum-sum-summa'time scoop:

Coral calls this summer--whether it's a coral-colored dress, cardi or this essie 'meet me at sunset' polish, it'll make your skin look uber-tan and brighten you up in an instant! Great polish to coat on with any nude patent peep-toe heels or flats on those warm summer days.

Go nude...well, at least with your polish, sheesh! If you're craving sassy kicks this season, OPI's 'Going Nude, Eh?' color is a great compliment that keeps the toes and fingers classic and neutral, and the spotlight on your shoes.

Lastly, pack a powerful punch and snag Sephora's 'Havana Nights Mini Collection' - filled with the variety of blues, brown and warmer hues, that you'll surely use all June, July and August.

Alrighty, once this rain lets up, I'm off to my local nail spa to get pampered a bit. Can't wait to paint the town!

holly in heels (and cute polish!)


  1. Oh they make high heel rain boots all right! Just google it and you'll see lots of options. I thought these were cute: http://fashion4us.com/wholesale-fashion-detail.action?id=123347 :)

  2. I am SO attracted to that orange!

  3. That Essie shade is to DIE for!
    xo Josie

  4. Great colors! I love nail polish : )

  5. love the bright orange!!


  6. They make high heeled rain boots - Hunter Wellies!


  7. Love the Havana Nights collection but Sephora doesn't carry it in their stores anymore - it is available online or through Amazon (same price of $18)


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