Tory get your wedge.

Happppppy stinkin' Monday, friends! Ahh, it was so, so sad to say goodbye to the weekend, I must say. But I'm glad it's another sunny day here in wonderland, and I'm up to more shoe-hunting! This time around, I'm obsessing over Tory Burch. No matter how many times I try and deny it, Tory Burch is truly amazing. Any Burch-y shoes are sure to be stylishly classic + preppy pretty all in one. Sure, sure--the price is usually a tad scary at first, but when you wear your Tory's a ga-jillion times over, perfectly paired with any outfit, you're happy you saved your pennies. And if anything, SHOES are worth it, right ladies? So here are a few eye-candy kicks from Tory Burch that I'm simply gawking over:

The 'Drea' wedge--a sky high 4 1/2" wedge with a 1" platform, wooden all the way, and wonderful through & through! Beautiful leather color in natural tan, begging to make those legs look a million miles long!

A very typical Tory pattern, these 'criss cross espadrilles' are worthy of a mention here. Lovely printed diamond-y canvas straps at the toe, and a solid leather strap to adorn the ankle, yow! This espadrille comes in a few different colors/patterns, but this blue will for sure take you from daytime shopping trip to evening spring dinner on the patio.

And check these happy, yellow 'contrast elastic espadrilles'! Another nearly 5" wedges, the canvas straps hold ya in tight, while you dazzle the crowd with your gorgeous shoozies. I have to say the price is pretty nice on these suckers, you'll definitely get your money's worth, perfect for adding a splash of color to a white tee + skinny jeans sorta day, or even a summertime dress.

Ain't Tory just great?!

holly in heels


  1. I'm LOVING the criss cross espadrille! The first wedge looks a little too large for me!

  2. I'm OBSESSED with the first and last wedges! Absolutely adorable... I love all things Tory Burch!
    xo Josie

  3. i am loving the first two shoes!! ahh i want!!!

  4. Love Tory Burch, great picks!

  5. love your blog... i'd love to add ALL of these Tory wedges (and pretty much every other shoe you feature) to my collection <3shelby

  6. love these shoes!!

  7. definitely a tory burch fan as well, she just gets it right every time.

  8. I love Tory's shoes, I just wish that I could afford them :-/

  9. that first shoe is perfection. realllllly wish I could afford. Do you know of ay similar styles out there that would work for a lady on a budget?

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